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We Commit To Quality In Every Lesson

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8 Reasons Why The Learning Board Suits Your Child

The Learning Board's English, Maths & Science tuition programmes nurture students to be lead learners and prepare them with life skills. Not only will you build knowledge, but you will also receive encouragement from your teachers.

Our result-proven teaching methods help students develop keen interest in study and hence boost their performance in school.

best tuition centre in Singapore


The Learning Board's tuition programmes are compliant with the latest syllabuses from MOE.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Small Class Size

Classes have an average size of 6 and maximum size of 10 students to ensure your child receives adequate attention from their teachers.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Positive Feedback

100% of parents are satisfied with their children’s results achieved with The Learning Board.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Exclusive Materials

Proprietary SMART Sheets & Worksheets provide optimal learning advantages in all levels.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Tri-active Learners

Concept maps, open discussions and hands-on experiences help to bring out the avid learner in your child.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Individual Fit

The Learning Board dedicates time to understand each student's needs, strengths and weaknesses. You can book your free consultation today.

best tuition centre in Singapore


We motivate your child on his or her journey so he or she achieves what was thought impossible.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Friendly Environment

Fun and stress-free classroom interactions help to broaden and retain knowledge.

best tuition centre in Singapore

My teacher at The Learning Board English tuition centre was a very funny coach and made lessons fun and interesting for all. She believed that every student would excel in their studies if they put in effort and were consistent in what they did. I followed her way of teaching and it helped me a lot in my studies from C to A within 2 months. It was one of my best achievements.

Megan Mok
Student, Primary 6 (PSLE), St Margaret's Primary School

New Approach For The New Generation

We base our teaching on a blend of creative materials and engaging techniques. This leads to a learning process where students can learn and improve at their own pace without the grind feeling. Students feel empowered as they gain mastery on the subject and become motivated to advance.See how studying at The Learning Board would benefit your child:


best tuition centre in Singapore

Students become more conscious on learning independently and applying critical thinking when meeting a potential uncertainty.


best tuition centre in Singapore

Students build their knowledge from the bottom up and get to face challenges regularly based on their unique abilities.


best tuition centre in Singapore

Students learn to discern that progress is dependent on mastery of the subject and not on mere completion of tasks.


best tuition centre in Singapore

Teachers support students on their learning by focusing on their academic improvement through motivation.

best tuition centre in Singapore

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Let our result-proven teaching methods help your child develop interest in study and boost their performance in school. Consult The Learning Board's tuition programmes today and see the improvements in your child.

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Our Core System, The Triple Star

Each part of our learning system complements one another to help students build a solid foundation in grammar, reading, writing and communication.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Right Curriculum

We research, write and organize our MOE-compliant contents into thematic and digestible packages. Each has their own sets of ever-changing examples. We are constantly updating our materials to give students the most relevant practices in exam preparation.

We developed SMART Sheets to help students quickly and accurately form mental models of new and complex concepts. Each SMART Sheet represents one topic in a single piece of A4 paper. It gives concise definitions and examples in a tightly structured presentation so that students are able to internalise information easily. It resembles an essence giving an immediate boost to the brain's processing power.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Right Support

A collection of quality materials is only the first step in improving a student's result. We see the utmost important role of capable teachers in that process. Therefore, we require high standards from our teachers in both academic and interpersonal skills. Our teachers are, first of all, approachable. They facilitate open discussion and interactive idea exchange. They help students feel comfortable in asking questions and seeking guidance.

Together with their vast knowledge, academic excellence and MOE syllabus familiarity, our qualified teachers have been helping many generations of students achieving better results.

best tuition centre in Singapore

Right Attitude

Words of recognition have a long lasting impact on the children's minds and our teachers attend to that in every lesson. We call it positive reassurance. We believe all students, regardless of existing skills and conditions, have the ability to improve on their own performance as long as they are motivated to do so. At The Learning Board, we see the way to develop the best in a student is by appreciation and encouragement. However, it only works with honesty and sincerity. And we are proud that our teachers live up to these standards.

This part of our learning system connects the former two and completes the whole circle, delivering a holistic approach that leaves a long lasting impact on student improvement.

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