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The Learning Board has been a wonderful and beneficial English tuition centre to our daughter during her last lag of secondary school. She improved her grades tremendously and even got motivated in all other subjects. The Learning Board is not a conventional entre but a highly recommended one.

Mrs. Annabelle Ong
Amy Ong's Parent, Secondary 4 (O-Level), CHIJ Katong Convent

Before The Learning Board, I scored less than 60. Unlike school, The Learning Board lessons are taught in a fun way. We created useful concepts maps together. By the next examination, I improved by 15 marks.

Xena Choo
Student, Primary 6 (PSLE), Fairfield Methodist School

My son used to be reluctant and show little interest in English. But when The Learning Board came into our lives, they motivated him greatly and even went the extra mile of calling him and checking on his homework and problems in school. Teacher Clarence was a great guardian, tutor and friend to my son.

Mrs. Gillian
Hunter's Parent, Secondary 4 (O-Level), Dunman High School

Knowledgeable and entertaining! When Clarence teaches, he makes sure there is never a dull moment for English. Best part, he showed many valuable skills not only in the theory aspect but also in the extrinsic aspect of life skills. His classes are animated and suited for a speedy and interesting learning journey.

Jospeh Tan
Student, Secondary 3, Dunman High School

My teacher at The Learning Board English tuition centre was a very funny coach and made lessons fun and interesting for all. She believed that every student would excel in their studies if they put in effort and were consistent in what they did. I followed her way of teaching and it helped me a lot in my studies from C to A within 2 months. It was one of my best achievements.

Megan Mok
Student, Primary 6 (PSLE), St Margaret's Primary School

Clarence is very engaging and knowledgeable. His lessons are rather humorous and he makes sharing the intricate pointers of composition writing a breeze with many life lessons and experiences thrown in to allow the kids to better understand and visualize his teachings. His enthusiasm during the class will always keep you awake. The value of his classes and services are worth every dollar. I would highly recommend this tuition centre to other students who would like to enhance their skills and bring it to the next level through an enjoyable manner.

Ms. Ashley
Sarah Lee's Parent, Secondary 4 (O-Level), Mayflower Secondary School

It was my tutor at The Learning Board English tuition centre who made me love classes. I was in the B range since the beginning of P5. However, my tutor planned in different activities to make the lessons fun and easy to understand. Most importantly, she believes in me. Thank you The Learning Board for the best learning experience!

Ng Rou Xuan
Student, Primary 5, Si Ling Primary School

My tutor at The Learning Board English tuition centre is very dedicated and inspiring. Under her coaching, my child begins to take initiative to do his work and enjoys learning better than before. I am thankful that The Learning Board tuition centre helps my child to increase his confidence and score an A for PSLE.

Mrs. Elle
Luke Teo's Parent, Primary 6 (PSLE), Woodlands Primary School

My family and I would like to recommend Clarence's tuition classes and services for the students out there. My English result improved by 2 grade points after attending his classes. I scored an A1 for O levels. The highlight of his class was essay writing as it was conducted through a very unconventional style. He used not just regular points found in regular essays but also from his industry experiences that he had gathered over the years of teaching and working. It was a very fun process learning English with him and at the same time, about him too. Good job Clarence! Definitely miss your classes!

Student, Secondary 4 (O-Level), St Gabriel's Secondary School

The Learning Board English tuition centre has a wonderful teacher. She helps me improve in my PSLE score. She explains everything very clearly and uses examples that I can understand so that I can apply. Classes at the centre were fun and interesting. My tutor encourages a lot and shares her life experiences with us. That inspires me to give my best.

Fion Tan
Student, Primary 6 (PSLE), Maha Bodhi School

My teacher at The Learning Board English tuition centre is very friendly and approachable. I can always ask her questions without having any fear. During classes at the centre, we learn faster than we do in school and that gives me more revision time. Best part, she also tell us funny stories to make things easier to remember.

Zavier Tay
Student, Primary 4, Kheng Cheng School

Clarence has been an absolute coach to our daughter and she has improved her grades almost immediately after attending his class. Rachael wished she had found him sooner as Clarence has helped raise her grades up beyond her imagination. His classes are enjoyable and he makes a "boring" subject come to life. During her time with him, Rachael constantly looked forward to his lessons. He was the only English tutor that had managed to rekindle her interest in the English language.

Mr. Robert Lee
Rachael Lee's Parent, Secondary 3, Tanjong Katong Girls' School

Mr Clarence has been a wonderful and absolutely adorable teacher to our daughter during her last lag of secondary school. He improved her grades tremendously and even motivated her in all her other subjects. His life skills talks and motivations had changed the way she behaved and thought. He made a huge difference to bring out the best in our daughter.

Mr. Anthony Ong
Amy Ong's Parent, Secondary 4 (O-Level), CHIJ Katong Convent

After 3 months at The Learning Board, I have improved by 2 grades, from C to A.

Chiu Wei
Student, Primary 6 (PSLE), Telok Kurau Primary

Passionate and dedicated. The Learning Board has transformed my child's attitude and helped to bring out her best in PSLE. Since then, she has become confident in taking up challenges.

Mrs. Tan
Eileen Tan's Mom, Primary 6 (PSLE), Yu Neng School

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