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best tuition centre in Singapore
best tuition centre in Singapore

Secondary 4 (O-Level) (English)

Tuition Programme - regular class

Programme Components

The Learning Board's Secondary 4 (O-Level) English Programme offers an exhaustive coverage to help students tackle their exams with total confidence. It bundles 4 major components: Grammar & Vocabulary, Comprehension, Creative Writing and Oral.

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Grammar & Vocabulary


O-Level grammar editing
Sentence reconstruction

Foundation Revision

Accurate sentences & expressions
Revision of important concepts
best tuition centre in Singapore


Text Analysis

Question type identification
Critical reading
Error analysis

Answering Technique

Precise answering techniques
Information evaluation & reasoning
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Planning & Drafting

Logical responses
Concept paraphrasing

Writing &​ Polishing

Clear structure & thoughtful manner
O-Level practice on essay writing
Fine-tuned language
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Opinion presentation
Persuasion techniques

Active Discussion

Global perspective
In-class debates
best tuition centre in Singapore

My teacher at The Learning Board English tuition centre is very friendly and approachable. I can always ask her questions without having any fear. During classes at the centre, we learn faster than we do in school and that gives me more revision time. Best part, she also tell us funny stories to make things easier to remember.

Zavier Tay
Student, Primary 4, Kheng Cheng School

Programme Highlights


Revisit key concepts and build up foundation


Explore new contents and topics


Master analysis and inferential skills


Understand and construct various sentence structures


Analyze different question types and improve writing and editing skills

June - Intensive Programme

Understand and practice intensively on multiple parts of the exam papers


Hone reading and writing skills on various topics and themes


Upgrade language proficiency and familiarize with numerous exam question answering techniques


Drill on real exam questions and prepare for the upcoming papers

How Studying At The Learning Board Benefits Your Child

best tuition centre in Singapore

Comprehensive O-Level Coverage

The Learning Board's Secondary 4 (O-Level) English Tuition Programme introduces students to complex passages and gears them to write clearly, critically and specifically.
Your child will be taught a higher order of thinking and specific writing practices drilling on precision and persuasive writing.
Contents covered in this series programme: Case study on prominent figures, Global and current (local) issues, Societal inclination and norms & Modern science and technology
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Skill-centric Activities

Weekly lessons will drill and focus on mastering the fundamental examination components of composition, comprehension and summary writing.
Refine O-Level writing skills with specific skills such as hedging and signposting.
Precisely answer comprehension skills through error identification (linguistics).
Sharpen and drill on summary writing skills on paraphrasing rather than restating or rewording.
Critically read and evaluate information provided to reason and recommend appropriately for comprehension (narrative) and visual texts components.
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Optimal Engagement

Through this journey, students would be exposed to a series of comprehension passages that would ignite their inquisitiveness.
Topics in focus includes global issues, social practices, science and technology and a study of the autobiography of prominent figures.
The application question is a new component that will be introduced to students of O-Level.
A deeper understanding and practice of grammar will ensure that students are aware of the importance of fine wording their sentences to tailor to specific situations.
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Success Story

best tuition centre in Singapore


Xavier was a 12 years old boy preparing for his PSLE. He was struggling to express himself clearly and had little confidence in his writing.

Within 4 months, his teacher from The Learning Board's tuition programme guided Xavier to raise questions and discuss his ideas actively. Classroom interaction helped him to broaden his knowledge and overcome his shyness. As a result, his grade improved from C to A.

Programme Schedule


Thursday 7 pm - 9 pm
Secondary 4
Sunday 1 pm - 3 pm
Secondary 4
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Programme Fees

The Learning Board collects a one-time registration fee and a simple nett monthly fee. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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The Learning Board maintains small class size to ensure each student receive adequate attention from their teachers.

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8 Reasons Why The Learning Board Suits Your Child

The Learning Board's English, Maths & Science tuition programmes nurture students to be lead learners and prepare them with life skills. Not only will you build knowledge, but you will also receive encouragement from your teachers.

Our result-proven teaching methods help students develop keen interest in study and hence boost their performance in school.

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best tuition centre in Singapore

Small Class Size

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Positive Feedback

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Exclusive Materials

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Tri-active Learners

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Individual Fit

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Friendly Environment

See Why Us

The Logical Approach To English

Unlike conventional tuition centres, The Learning Board motivates students through a change in their mindset and guides them to their fullest potential. Our programmes help students improve their score rapidly with lasting improvement.

Our 11 years of teaching experience and familiarity with the Singapore education system condense into the proven Triple Star system. It focuses on deep understanding rather than rote learning where young leaners acquire logical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Right Curriculum

SMART Sheets & Thematic Questions

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Right Support

Qualified Teachers & ​Lively Delivery Style

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Right Attitude

Positive Reassurance & Character Coaching

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