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best tuition centre in Singapore

SMART Sheets

Innovative Next-generation Materials

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One Page. One Topic.

Each SMART Sheet tackles one particular topic with precise information and engaging presentation. All fundamental and sophisticated concepts in English, Maths and Science become friendly and digestible.

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Effortlessly Grab Attention.

A ten-year-old child has an average attention span of 20 minutes. The format and content of a SMART Sheet utilise this period easily.

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Visually Appealing.

Colors, shapes and drawings effectively help young students understand and remember new concepts.

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Logically Organised.

SMART Sheets comprise clear sections, concise definitions and selective examples. They offer a logical and comprehensive view to the given subject.

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Physically Engaging.

Many hands-on learners prefer to engage with the physical media. Each piece of SMART Sheets gives them something to grab onto and channel their energy and excitement to a beneficial lesson.

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Quickly Review For Exams. Anytime.

The power of SMART Sheets shines when it comes to exam revision time. Skimming through these pages helps students recall various concepts and reinforce their understanding of the main points. No more last minute panic. Let SMART Sheets put everything in place.

best tuition centre in Singapore
best tuition centre in Singapore

Visible Results.
Tested & Proven.

Students at The Learning Board achieve better results after studying with SMART Sheets. Their feedback, together with suggestions from teachers, plays an important role in the next design iteration.

As a result, SMART Sheets are constantly evolving and bringing the best experience to the current generation.

And Many More Reasons To Love SMART Sheets.

Conversation Starter.

Parents and kids can learn and discuss together on a SMART Sheet topic.

Driving Curiosity.

The fresh look of SMART Sheets encourages students to explore. Curiosity triggers academic success.


SMART Sheets contents closely follow the official syllabuses from the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Professionally Curated.

The team behind SMART Sheets bring valuable insights from multiple disciplines such as education, design and engineering.

Free of Charge.

All students of The Learning Board have access to SMART Sheet materials without any additional charges.

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Download Your First SMART Sheet Pack

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This pack helps your child quickly understand and remember the 12 important grammar concepts. These are yours to keep:

12 Examiners' Favorite Grammar Concepts SMART Sheet
Explanation Notes & Examples
Grammar MCQs & Annotated Answers

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