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best tuition centre in Singapore

Secondary 1 Head Start - December Holiday Programme (English)

Special Programme

Programme Components

The Learning Board's Secondary 1 Head Start Programme (English) introduces students to the new concepts and challenges in the Secondary level syllabus.

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Text Analysis

Introduction to inference
Tackling challenging questions

Answering Technique

Inferential answering techniques
Critical thinking passages
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Introduction to expository writing
Text type review


Cohesive expression
Paragraph building
best tuition centre in Singapore

Summary Writing


Introduction to summary writing
Exploring reading perspective


Drafting and polishing
Exam paper topics
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Situational Writing


Advanced report writing
Crafting supporting ideas


Structure formation
Higher level thinking topics

Get Ready For Secondary 1

The secondary school syllabus emphasizes on critical thinking skills with greater independence on the student side. In this December holiday programme, we help students get familiar with the new challenges they will face in secondary school.

Read and understand longer text with sophisticated use of sentence structure and vocabulary
Response critically to a wide range of thought-provoking topics
Apply spelling skills and strategies for writing accurately and consistently in Standard English
Use higher-order skills for idea generation, development and organisation to achieve intended effects and precision of expression in writing

Programme Highlights

The Secondary 1 Head Start Programme (December Holiday) equips students with the new technical skills to bridge the transitioning gap and excel in secondary school. It helps your child get ready to embark on a new phase in their learning journey.

Small size, great potential

Students get to learn and practice critical thinking and writing in class with real-world scenario discussions.
We keep our class size small so students have the best opportunities to participate and clarify any doubts.

Intensively packed 2 days

This programme aims to introduce the essentials of the Secondary 1 English Syllabus in 2 days.
It also breaks down exam components into easy-to-digest segments and explain them in details.

Programme Schedule

Hougang12 & 19 December 202110 am - 12 pm
Kembangan11 & 18 December 202110 am - 12 pm
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Programme Fees


(Usual price $135 SGD. Offer ends 11 December 2021)

No materials fee. No deposit. Limited seats available.

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best tuition centre in Singapore

My son used to be reluctant and show little interest in English. But when The Learning Board came into our lives, they motivated him greatly and even went the extra mile of calling him and checking on his homework and problems in school. Teacher Clarence was a great guardian, tutor and friend to my son.

Mrs. Gillian
Hunter's Parent, Secondary 4 (O-Level), Dunman High School

How Studying At The Learning Board Benefits Your Child

best tuition centre in Singapore

Comprehensive Coverage

This December holiday programme aims to boost academic performance and exam readiness.
Coupled with soft skills such as critical thinking and analysis, students are exposed to a world of both imaginative ideas and factual information to spruce their cognitive senses.
Case studies, current affairs, world issues and other real-world topics would be incorporated in regular lessons to open their eyes and fill their horizon of knowledge.
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Skill-centric Activities

Practice reading and writing skills.
Discover questioning skills that help students develop a logical thought process and expressing opinions sharply.
Develop comprehension skills through question type analysis and recognition.
Sharpen summary skills by determining relevant information within given text and retain essential information.
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Optimal Engagement

At The Learning Board, students are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers together.
Students get to practice fluency in their conversation, listening and writing.
At the secondary level, we guide our students to develop abstract and critical thinking coupled with creativity skills to delve into the expanse field of linguistics.
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Success Story

best tuition centre in Singapore


Xavier was a 12 years old boy preparing for his PSLE. He was struggling to express himself clearly and had little confidence in his writing.

Within 4 months, his teacher from The Learning Board's tuition programme guided Xavier to raise questions and discuss his ideas actively. Classroom interaction helped him to broaden his knowledge and overcome his shyness. As a result, his grade improved from C to A.

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The Learning Board maintains small class size to ensure each student receive adequate attention from their teachers.

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8 Reasons Why The Learning Board Suits Your Child

The Learning Board's English, Maths & Science tuition programmes nurture students to be lead learners and prepare them with life skills. Not only will you build knowledge, but you will also receive encouragement from your teachers.

Our result-proven teaching methods help students develop keen interest in study and hence boost their performance in school.

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best tuition centre in Singapore

Small Class Size

best tuition centre in Singapore

Positive Feedback

best tuition centre in Singapore

Exclusive Materials

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Tri-active Learners

best tuition centre in Singapore

Individual Fit

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Friendly Environment

See Why Us

The Logical Approach To English

Unlike conventional tuition centres, The Learning Board motivates students through a change in their mindset and guides them to their fullest potential. Our programmes help students improve their score rapidly with lasting improvement.

Our 11 years of teaching experience and familiarity with the Singapore education system condense into the proven Triple Star system. It focuses on deep understanding rather than rote learning where young leaners acquire logical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Right Curriculum

SMART Sheets & Thematic Questions

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Right Support

Qualified Teachers & ​Lively Delivery Style

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Right Attitude

Positive Reassurance & Character Coaching

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