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The Learning Board tuition centre is giving out 30 selected English exam papers in Singapore and a session of consultation for you and your child.

Be prepared for your exam

With several weeks left to PSLE, we are also sharing worked solutions and analysis for English.

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Benefits of practising on examination papers

By practising on past year examination papers, your child will be familiarised with the paper formats and can do the papers under timed conditions for a better time management in the examination.

In addition to that, students get to exposed to more various question types set by top school teachers. They can see how similar types questions can be asked in different ways. Frequently, similar questions appears in the examination and by knowing how to tackle them gives students an advantage in scoring better results.

Consultation session

Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes permanence. We will be arranging a free consultation session for you and your child to understand his/her weaknesses and how can the practices be carried out for your child to apply the appropriate exam techniques during examination.

This Exam Paper Pack includes

Top school examination papers from:

ACS, Ai Tong, CHIJ St Nicholas, Maris Stella, MGS, Nan Yang, Pei Hwa, Red Swastika, Rosyth, SCGS, Tao Nan, Temasek, Raffles Girls and Henry Park


​Primary 6 (PSLE) English, Primary 5 English, Primary 4 English

Papers for examination practice:

CA1, SA1, CA2, and SA2

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